Collaborative Robotic Arm Z-Arm mini
For Advanced Medical, 3C and Industry Solutions
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Z-Arm mini   Collaborative Robotic Arm

Human-robot collaboration

Automated upgrade system (Safe, Low cost, Easy to operate )

Flexible reorganization and easy to adjust workspace

Small Batch, Multi-Category Production

Drive-Control Integrated System

Extremely saving workspace

Get started in 5 minutes without any prior experience with robot arms. Extremely simple to operate thanks to open APIs.


Circuit board welding
Circuit board welding
Pick and place
Screw driving
Screw driving
Laser engraving
Laser engraving
3D Printing
3D Printing
Goods sorting
Goods sorting
Visual identification
Visual identification
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                   The tool-end of the Z-Arm is fully interchangeable. This meets the requirements of many different applications and tasks. It can be your flexible and efficient assistant and collaborate with you on many projects: 3D printing, pick and place, soldering, laser engraving, object recognition, and so on. The only limit is your imagination.

We can do more & better, Our imagination is Irrecoverable

Wireless connections

3D Graphical teaching

Handhold teaching

Multi HITBOT Robot Arm Cooperation

Standard second development interface

Collaborative robotics are designed with safety features to work in conjunction with humans. These features are essential for a safe work space and creating efficient collaborative processes.

Labview programming

Human-robot collaboration
In human-robot collaboration, the robot assists the human operator. This means: The machine does not replace the human, but complements his capabilities and relieves him of arduous tasks. These can include overhead work.
Range of motion and dimensional drawing
Specification table

Z-Arm mini collaborative

Arm length


Z-axis Stroke




Maximun Payload



220V/110V 50~60Hz, Adapter to 24V DC







Collision detection

Handhold teaching

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