The "Oscar" award in the robotics industry was announced,and               Huiling Technology won the Robot Product Award.

On January 12, 2018, the 4th Awards Ceremony of the Golden Globe Awards for the "Oscar" Award in the robotics industry came to a successful conclusion at the Dongguan Guanlan Lake Resort Hotel Conference Center. After more than a month of online voting and jury judging and other heavy checkpoints, the final prize list of the Golden Globe Awards was released. Huiling Technology won the robot good product with the direct drive robot X2 - SCARA (less than 6 kg) crystal ball award .

⍚ About the award-winning product X2 
X2 is a direct-drive robot arm independently developed by Huiling Technology. It adopts an innovative direct drive solution without gear reducer. The precision is doubled, the cost is reduced by half, and the life is greatly improved. It is a dare to overthrow the traditional subversiveness. Innovation. The X2 adopts the integrated design built into the controller. Compared with the traditional Cartesian robot, it is more space-saving and more flexible. It is more suitable for screwing, gluing, 3C handling and assembly.

⍚ About other products of the company

In addition, Huiling Technology has also developed the Snake&Z-Arm series of four-axis robotic arms, which have a new appearance and adopt the Z-axis in the body. The precision is high, with functions such as collaboration, drag teaching, and 3D graphic teaching. With the electric gripper EFG series of Huiling Technology, it is very suitable for the flexible production requirements of small batches and multi-categories in medical and 3C fields, effectively improving work efficiency.

⍚ About the company

Huiling Technology, the pioneer of the direct drive robot, makes the reducer no longer the bottleneck of the robot arm. We focus on technological innovation to provide our customers with high-performance robotic products such as robotic arms and electric jaws in a more efficient, cost-effective and modular way. We have more than 20 invention, appearance and utility model patents. At present, Huiling Technology's product line has obtained CE certificate and won more than ten domestic professional awards.

Looking back at 2017, we work hard and insist on innovation. Huiling Technology would like to thank all customers and industry insiders for their support and companionship. In 2018, we are ready to go, and strive to give back to the society with better products.

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