HITBOT Z-arm 1632 Cobot Robot

HITBOT Z-arm 1632 Cobot Robot


HITBOT Z-arm 1632 4-Axis Cobot Robot


Lightweight and compact, HITBOT Z-arm 1632 is a small but smart table-top cobot. As it weighs only 10KG, Z-arm 1632 is quite suitable for light assembly and screwdriving applications in tight workspaces, helping realize production automation in your workflow as possible as it can.


Max payload 1KG | Reach 320MM 
Z-axis 160mm | Repeatability ±0.02mm

Color: White
  • Product Features

    1. Small, Ideally Suitable for Tabletop Automation
    HITBOT Z-arm 1632's compact design of 250x250x490mm enables it to be placed virtually anywhere it fits, for example, at the corner of the production line, or close to other machines. Weighing only 10kg, Z-arm 1632 is also portable and easy to be deployed/redeployed according to the specific manufacturing needs.


    2. Simple Programming within 20mins

    HITBOT Z-arm 1632 is quite smart, enabling operators with no programming experience to complete the programming process by simply dragging and dropping the arm to specific points or setting specifications in the HitbotStudio APP, which only takes 20mins in total. Productivity starts right from the beginning!


    3. Smart Collaboration

    HITBOT Z-arm 1632 is a smart cobot, which is not only for replacing human workers in dull and repetitive strains but also enables working with human workers in collaboration to improve efficiency. It supports collision detection to reduce potential accidents. Productivity and Safety ensured at the same time!


    4. Reliable Precision

    HITBOT Z-arm 1632 keeps its repeatability precision at ±0.02mm thanks to the self-developed servo motor, precise optical encoder, and custmized driver algorithm. Users will never have to worry about any possible error happening within its working range---- arm reach up to 320mm and Z-axis reach up to 160mm.


    5. Plug and Play

    HITBOT makes Z-arm 1632 packed as a ready-to-use machine. Users can put HITBOT Z-arm into action right out of the box. Plug it in and turn it on, productivity speeds immediately on your workbench!


    6. Multiple applications

    HITBOT Z-arm 1632 is definitely a versatile arm adept at doing things in various layouts and different industries, such as visual sorting, component assembly, electronics soldering, and more.

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