Huiling Technology won the 2018 most investment value startup TOP20

On December 8th, “Gathering the Future and Creating the Future – The 2018 CEO Summit and Hunting Cloud Venture Capital Awards Ceremony” was held in Beijing. At the summit, selected TOP20 list of “ Best Investment Value Startups ” from 177 entrepreneurial projects. HITBOT is used to subvert the traditional mechanical structure and solid customer base of light industry. The imaginative future application space was successfully selected.


Following the tens of millions of angels and seed rounds invested by investment institutions such as Polestar Capital, Zehou Capital and Weijia Capital in 2016 and 2017, HITOT has recently been led by Shun Capital. Creation partner, Saizhi Ventures and investment in the A round of investment.

(Hui Ling Technology CEO Tian Jun attended the ceremony, left 6)

Regarding the reason for the award, Hunting Network said that Huiling Technology's Z-Arm cooperative robot arm redefines the mechanical arm products according to the new requirements of light industry and medical scenes, subverts the traditional mechanical structure and directly crosses foreign companies in high-end yuan. The monopoly on the device enables the independent research and development of core components, and at the same time re-creates the supply chain, which greatly reduces the product cost. From the two dimensions of lowering the price and application threshold, the company has established cooperation with many Fortune 500 companies and leading enterprises in the industry for one year, and has helped more than 1,000 SMEs to achieve automation transformation.


At present, Huiling Technology's Z-Arm robotic arm has been successfully selected as the 2018 High-tech Good Product Golden Globe Award.

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