Get another success! Huiling Technology HITBOT won the third prize of the National Robot Patent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Following the November 24th, Huiling Technology HITBOT won the national second prize in the finals of the 2nd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in the Midwestern Ethnic Region. After only four days, Huiling Technology successfully won another award, directly driving the robotic arm. The project was re-approved.

        On November 28th, the final of the 2nd National Robot Patent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which gathered more than 700 patents, was successfully concluded in Wuhu. Huiling Technology HITBOT's "Direct Drive Robot Without Speed ​​Reducer" project won the third prize in the country.

It is understood that since the launch of this competition in May this year, more than 700 students from more than 70 colleges and universities and enterprises and institutions such as Tsinghua University have participated in 141 projects, with 705 robot inventions, utility models and design patents. . The contest was selected by the primary and rematch competitions, and 35 projects participated in the final competition. The competition aims to explore outstanding projects nationwide and introduce high-level talents to further promote the rapid development of the Wuhu robot industry.

        Huiling Technology's "a direct-drive robot arm without a reducer" project involves a number of invention patents and a number of utility model patents. The direct drive robot X2 developed by this project adopts a new type of drive control method, which eliminates the core components (harmonic reducer) that have been imported by the traditional scheme, and breaks through the core technology of the SCARA robot arm, which greatly reduces the machinery. Arm cost increases productivity.

        The innovative non-reducer direct drive solution has subverted the traditional standards of the entire industry. The innovative robotic arm of Huiling Technology not only brings new ideas to the whole robot arm industry, but also contributes to the road of industrial automation upgrade in China. One's own strength.

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