Fighting for the crowd! Huiling Technology won the second prize of the Second Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in the Central and Western Ethnic Regions

On November 24th, the finals and awards ceremony of the 2nd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of the Central and Western Ethnic Regions with the theme of “Innovation Leading and Promoting the Opening Up of the Ethnic Regions in the Midwest” was held in Xinhuang. The 24 finals were video-displayed and PPT Explain, free speech, project showdown, on-site canvassing and other forms of fierce competition. In the end, Huiling Technology won the second prize in the country with outstanding performance.

The “Direct Drive Robotic Arm without Speed ​​Reducer” project demonstrated by Huiling Technology HITBOT has won many top domestic competitions. The direct-drive robot arm X2 adopts a new type of large-torque direct-drive motor independently developed, which subverts the traditional servo motor acceleration and reduction machine scheme, and opens the era of industrial robots without "reduction gears", leading the robot black technology.

        The direct drive robot arm X2 is mainly used for screwing, gluing, sorting, handling, palletizing and other applications in the 3C industry. Compared with traditional industrial robots, X2 has higher positioning accuracy, longer service life, more stable operation and faster cost recovery. At present, the order of the direct drive robot arm X2 has exceeded 100, and it has been continuously practiced and applied in the fields of automated assembly and assembly, logistics and handling.

        For many years, Huiling Technology HITBOT has been committed to the research and development of direct drive robotic arms and cooperative robotic arms, and adhere to technological innovation. Huiling Science and Technology aims to break through various technical difficulties and make the most affordable industrial-grade quality robot arm. With high-quality services, it helps enterprises to promote cost-effective transformation and upgrade of the automation industry and quickly recover upgrade costs.

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