Preview before the show  This year's EeIE, there are surprises you can't miss

From July 26th to 28th, 2018, the 4th China Intelligent Equipment Industry Expo and the 7th China Electronic Equipment Industry Expo (EeIE2018) will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Huiling Technology HITBOT will bring all the products, the All-Star lineup to participate in the exhibition, not only that, Huiling Technology will also open the biggest promotion in history! You must not miss this year's EeIE show. 

Exhibition information: 

                                     EeIE2018 is the only one of the key projects of the “Made in China 2025” Shenzhen Action Plan. It is a complete professional exhibition of the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry chain. It is also the only professional exhibition in China with the theme of intelligent and electronic equipment industry. It is also the vane of the development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry. With the theme of “Intelligently Changing Future Industries for Development”, this exhibition will be positioned in innovation, professionalism and internationalization. It is expected that more than 500 exhibitors from home and abroad will participate. 

Exhibit information:

Collaboration Robot Z-Arm 2140C

Z-Arm 2140C is a lightweight cooperative robot arm launched by Huiling Technology HITBOT. It is easy to operate, supports 3D graphic teaching and dragging teaching. It can also be used in 5 minutes without knowing the robot arm. More man-machine cooperation function, collision and stop, high security, can be widely used in electronic product assembly, medical trials and other scenarios requiring personnel intervention. The robotic arm supports quick change of station, which is very suitable for flexible production of small batches and multi-categories that require frequent replacement of production lines. Compared with similar products, Z-Arm 2140C has high precision, large load, fast speed and low price. These advantages make Z-Arm 2140C become the new favorite of intelligent light industry since its introduction, which is favored by customers.

Collaboration Robot Z-Arm 1632C

The Z-Arm 1632C is the latest lightweight cooperative robot arm from HITBOT. It continues the integrated design of the Z-Arm 2140C robot controller. It is lighter and cheaper, perhaps the smallest in 2018. The cheapest industrial robot. The operation also supports 3D graphical teaching and drag teaching, and also has human-machine cooperation function, which is safe and secure. The smaller size and lower price make the Z-Arm 1632C more suitable for use in the scene.

Electric jaw EFG series

The electric gripper is another fist product of Huiling Technology HITBOT. Currently, there are three models of EFG-8 (effective stroke 8mm) EFG-12 (effective stroke 12mm) and EFG-20 (effective stroke 20mm). The system's small electric jaws. It can be digitally controlled to facilitate precise control of clamping force and stroke for flexible clamping. Applicable to non-gas source occasions such as laboratories and hospitals. The end portion of the electric gripper can be replaced at any time. The user can design the clamp part according to the items that he needs to clamp, so as to ensure that the gripper can complete the gripping work to the greatest extent. The EFG series has an extremely long life and can hold up to 30 million times. In addition, the electric jaw EFG series can be fitted with the UR arm and is already in the Urcap library of the UR arm, which can be called directly from the Urcap library. 
Booth Information
Exhibition Name: 2018 China Intelligent Equipment Industry Expo and China Electronic Equipment Industry Expo 
Exhibition Date: July 26-28, 2018 
Exhibition Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center 
Exhibition Hall: Hall 2 
Booth No.: 2A21

Tel  : +86-15220259858

Address: Room 601, Building B, Huafeng International Robot Industrial Park, Hangcheng Avenue, Bao'an Distric, Shenzhen, China

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