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innovation behind SCARA price war

Not long ago, the SCARA price war between Bronte and Juyou Guangji was “brushed” in the robot circle. Some people think that once the low-price strategy is successful, it will form a low-end market monopoly, whether it is for SCARA enterprises or terminal enterprises. Not a good thing. There are still many people who are talking about this kind of low-price competition, and they are also questioning the low-priced SCARA products, which means that low prices mean low quality and low price.


However, Huiling Technology HITBOT, which also took the low-cost route, wanted to be a "rumor terminator".


As we all know, the automation transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is accompanied by a large amount of capital investment. During the patrol survey of the high-tech robot network in the first half of 2018, there are still many companies that indicate that the investment and cost recovery cycle is a question that needs to be considered when upgrading automatically, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.


In order to help enterprises to upgrade and upgrade their automation, and to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to use robots, Huiling Technology uses the independent research and development advantages of servo core motors, encoders, servo controllers, motion controllers and software. A cost-effective robot and related product solution has been developed in a low-cost, modular way.


The new product of Huiling Technology HITBOT  is only half the price of Bronte and Juyouguang, but CMO Hu Yue said that its products are not relaxed in quality. An industry source said that such a price should be driven by the "stepper motor + small gear box", Hu Yue immediately denied this statement, although no further disclosure of technical details, but said that currently Huiling Technology HITBOT The products have been sold to more than ten countries, and there are many world top 500 and industry leading enterprises to use Huiling products for import substitution, the cost reduction is as high as 80%-90% , the measured performance and longevity of the products at the customer site Higher than the customer's initial expectations at this price. She said: "Compared with foreign products, although the core data has obvious advantages, it is not good enough in some details, we will continue to optimize."


In all fairness, all core components are independently developed, which is undoubtedly a huge challenge for the product to enter the mass production stage. It is a huge test for a young team that has just emerged in the industry. Hu Yue said that constantly trying to make mistakes and insisting on continuous iteration and optimization, Hui Ling finally passed that stage. Nowadays, automated production, medical equipment, new retail, etc., are covered in almost every industry. “ Customers said: We have been waiting for such products for a long time.Although it is simple, we are very touched. This shows that our customers recognize our uniqueness and recognize our innovation.”


It is reported that Huiling Technology HITBOT's SCARA robot has the following characteristics:


■ Easy to use

The robot can teach 3D graphics through PC, mobile phone or PAD software, which is very convenient to use. The user can even drag the robot directly to complete the corresponding programming.


In addition, the traditional robotic arm is difficult and costly for processes requiring high flexibility, touch and flexibility. The HITBOT robot has a collaboration function that can be safely coordinated with people without a fence. Even if an unexpected collision occurs, it will stop immediately and the safety will be high.


■ High cost performance

Those who like to "play" robots must be familiar with desktop-level robotic arms based on STEAM education. These robotic arms, which do not have industrial production capacity, are sold at a much lower price than SCARA robots. But the difference between Huiling Technology HITBOT is that its product price is not only cheaper than these desktop products for C-end users, but also a fully functional industrial robot. In this regard, CEO Tian Jun said this:


" We want to make the user really ' affordable' robot, not only to be affordable, but also to improve the ease of use of the software, so that the robot arm is no longer an engineer's ' toy' ."


Tian Jun said that in recent years, robots have gradually penetrated into various fields. The huge market demand has promoted various software innovations and application-oriented innovations. The development cycle of robot hardware R&D is long, the cost is high, and the threshold for use is high. The innovators are discouraged. “ Many of our customers are teams that are better at software and applications, but they have great innovative ideas for robots, and we can provide them with the simplest and most reliable products at the most reasonable price, so that they can do them as much as they can. What I am best at and want to do."


Recently, Huiling Technology HITBOT has practiced the original intention of assisting the automation transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises with its own practical actions. At the same time, it also opened Huiling's “the biggest promotion in history” – the industrial robot arm bought two get one free! Enterprises with automation transformation needs to seize the opportunity. There are 100 preferential places for this event. The coupon code is only valid for one month.