Industrial robot arm can also buy two get one free?

  The four-year football feast has just ended. This passionate summer has not ended. Huiling Technology HITBOT has opened the      biggest promotion in history, bringing another wave of surprises: buy two get one free for industrial robots!

what? Robotic arm, or industrial? You can do this too! 

To be honest, when the boss asked me to write this article, Xiaobian was shaking when I bought "two get one free"...

I won’t get it wrong. Limited edition of 100 copies, scan code to receive, first come first served:


Limited edition of 100 copies, scan code to receive, first come first served:


Collaborative robot arm Z-Arm

The Z-Arm series robot arm independently developed by Huiling Technology is different from the traditional industrial robot arm. The Z-Arm arm is small in size and light in weight, and with leading cooperation function, it can be safe without isolation fence. Collaboration, suitable for flexible production in small batches and multi-categories. Convenient and smooth operation experience, support 3D graphical teaching and drag teaching, so that people who do not understand the robot arm can also get started in 5 minutes.

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About Huiling Technology (Hitbot)

Huiling Technology HITBOT is committed to reducing the threshold of the use of the robot arm. Through technological innovation, the cost of the robot arm is greatly reduced, the operation difficulty of the robot arm is simplified, and many small and medium-sized enterprises can accelerate the transformation of industrial automation without worrying about the cost.

Huiling Technology HITBOT is an innovative robot enterprise. It does not stick to the traditional ideas of the industry and uses the most advanced robot technology to carry out product innovation. Now it has acquired more than 50 patents and more than 10 invention patents.

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