Chen Deming, President of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, and his delegation visited the Nebula to accelerate

On the morning of August 12, Chen Deming, the president of the Association of the Sea Association, accompanied by Deputy Secretary-General Zheng Chongyang of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Vice President Wang Huaben of Shenzhen Investment and Vice President Liu Xinyu of Shenzhen Bay Technology, visited the Shenzhen Bay Venture Plaza.

Although Tiangong is not beautiful, but can not stop President Chen and his party to visit the Nebula Accelerator.

"I am now responsible for working on Taiwan. I saw that the word "Xingyun" immediately associates with Taiwan's Nebula Master. It is not bad!" President Chen entered the door with a funny start.

 Accelerator CEO Yang Haitao made a full introduction, from the original intention of the hardware incubation of the accelerator to the founding, the development process and operation mode of the accelerator, the introduction of the series of incubation projects and the achievements obtained.

 FACE++ has the world's leading image recognition technology and is a unicorn in the field of artificial intelligence. It is currently valued at more than $2 billion and is widely used in finance, security, life, and business.

   Spirit is the only voice company in China that specializes in the field of intelligent hardware. It provides three natural fields of intelligent car, smart home and intelligent robot, providing natural language interaction solutions. In Shenzhen for more than a year, it has experienced rapid development from 3 people to more than 50 people. The current valuation is 2 billion yuan. After learning that Spirit started in Suzhou, President Chen regretted that he had not seen such a high-tech enterprise like Spirit when he was a member of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee.

Easily identify Chairman Chen

Spirent Han Jiayu manager demonstrates intelligent voice rearview mirror

        Huiling's smart jaws also attract the attention of the president. Compared with the traditional cylinders, Huiling's electric jaws are digitally controlled to facilitate precise control of speed, position and clamping force. The advantages of the operation are obvious.

        The electric gripper saves a series of accessories such as air compressor, solenoid valve, throttle valve and air pipe, which can simplify the automation equipment and can be used in laboratory, medical and other airless applications. It is a brand new flexible clamping for robots. Revolutionary product.

One hundred million Tchibo CEO Zhang Meng, President Chen to explain product features

        Yijia Zhibao is a technology company jointly created by a group of young people who love to create, dedicated to the design and development of service robots, intelligent hardware products and related software. To create a service robot's overall design and products, through the innovative technology of robot hardware and software, combined with artificial intelligence, the perfect combination of technology and art, so that each product is close to humane care, creating a simple, comfortable and convenient for users. A fun and intelligent lifestyle.

        The original 10-minute visit agenda became 40 minutes. Before leaving, President Chen was still undecided.

  At present, Xingyun's project incubation in the software industry base has been carried out to the third phase, with more than 56 incubation projects, a total valuation of more than 3 billion, 5 projects above A round, 15 angel round projects, successful graduates, including thinking. Enterprises such as Bichi and Weiner have developed into the leading intelligent hardware companies in the industry.

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