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"Robotic arms no longer belong only to Sci-Fi movies

        or automotive factories. In fact, they have

            become part of daily life for makers,

                     hobbyists and businesses. 

HUILING (Shenzhen) TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (HITBOT), built by a top robot arm R&D team from Harbin Institute of Technology in Oct., 2015. Software and hardware are totally self-designed.

HITBOT developed rapidly, with tens of millions investment from the "Star of Lenovo", and some well-known venture capital. Its main products are Robot Arm, Electric 2-Finger Parallel Gripper and Robot Arm.

"Meet Your Future"

 " Make the customer's problem your problem. By solving their problems and need's 

                                                      you create a partnership. "

                                                                                                        Shep Hyken


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Huiling Tech Robotics.Ltd (HITBOT)

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