​HITBOT Z-arm Robots

Your Best Choice of Tabletop Cobots


With drive motor built inside, HITBOT Z-arm cobots are designed to be lightweight 4-axis collaborative robots, which allows changing end effectors in an easier way to meet various application demands. HITBOT Z-arm cobots can realize functions including but not limited to 3D printing, material handling, welding, and laser engraving. It is capable of greatly improving the efficiency and flexibility of your work and production.


Easily Compatible with Your Device

​HITBOT Z-EFG series robot grippers are in small size with a built-in servo system, which makes it possible to achieve precise control of speed, position, and clamping force. HITBOT cutting edge gripping system for automation solutions will let you open new possibilities for automating tasks that you never thought possible. 

HITBOT Z-Mod Actuators

Z-Mod has made great innovations in the traditional smart electric cylinder form, not only completely eliminating the coupling, but also highly integrating the external motor and controller inside the smart electric cylinder, achieving true integration; Maximize the use of space; maximize the use of travel.



Dedicated to Providing the Most Affordable Automation Solutions

for All Small and Medium Size Companies

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Global clients from the domestic market and the overseas market;

Product trusted by leading brands like P&G, HUAWEI, FOXCONN, Xiaomi, and Universal Robots

Professional R&D members with over 10 years of experience; 

Increasing investment in product research and development;

Over 50 core patents of independent intellectual property rights

Over 10,000㎡ production facility;

Hundreds of production staff;

10 professional production lines;

Annual output over 20,000 pieces

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